StudentAmp: Contextualized student feedback to amplify minoritized voices in computing courses

Design of student feedback app that enables students to share efficiently.

Students face challenges that are often invisible to their instructors or even themselves! This project investigates how to use student feedback to identify challenges faced by the most underserved learners in computing courses. We are designing and developing ways to interact and use data-driven tools to address rather than exacerbate equity issues in the complex domain of computing education.

By developing tools that enable students to effortlessly and privately share their course experiences and empower both students and instructors to interpret contextualized data to understand experiences of under-served learners, we can help make computing courses more equitable learning environments.

See our 2022 PACMHCI/CSCW journal article.

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This project is in collaboration with the UW College of Education and UW Office for the Advancement of Engineering Teaching & Learning. It is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and Google Cloud.

Benjamin Xie
Postdoctoral Fellow

Designing interactive tools for equitable computing education.