In the News

News About Benji the Academic

Bringing AI Literacy to High Schools. Stanford HAI, 7 Aug 2023

Benjamin Xie: Designing Data and Tech Experiences with Underresourced Communities. Stanford HAI, 4 April 2023

5 iSchool Students Among Husky 100. UW Information School, 24 May 2021

Ph.D. Student Profile: Benji Xie. UW Information School, 9 April 2020.

Public-Facing Articles Benji Wrote

I also periodically blog about my research and teaching to broader audiences on Medium.

Beyond Moderation: Exploring Tech Strategies to De-Escalate Political Conflict. McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, 13 Dec 2023.

Much-needed fact-checking of Dr. Veltmeyer’s COVID-19 claims. Mt. Democrat, 17 Aug 2020.

Silly Things Benji was Quoted as Saying

I have a hidden talent of saying silly things to reporters:

I was just a little camel in the beginning.

Immediately after running 26.2 miles to finish second in the 2020 Disney World Marathon, the Orlando Sentinel interviewed me. The full interview likely didn’t make such sense, but the quotes they got from it made even less.

Tourist Benji Xie said people were swimming at the base of waterfalls when the flash flooding struck. He and his friends ran up to a bathroom with other campers to wait out the rain.

The first (and only?) time the AP News interviewed me was after my friends and got caught in a flash flood in the Havasupai reservation of the Grand Canyon in 2018. To my recollection, I gave an incredible story about how members of the Havasupai Tribe acted swiftly and decisively with limited resources to ensure the safety of some 200 tourists. But instead, they recorded by rich descriptions and photos of water mixing with sand.